Committed To Protecting Your Rights And Your Freedom

At Mandell Law in Orlando, Florida, criminal defense is all we do. Every day, our experienced attorneys work as a team to protect our clients — securing their freedom and their future. We are criminal trial lawyers who draw on 25 years of combined experience to get the best possible results for people who are either under investigation or facing criminal charges.

We represent clients across Florida, and we accept serious, federal cases nationwide.

When you need a legal team with the strength to fight and the confidence to win, turn to Mandell Law. Call 800-242-3533 today to schedule your free initial consultation with principal attorney Robert I. Mandell.

A Focus On Winning Tough Cases

Our experienced legal team has the qualifications and knowledge to successfully handle a broad array of criminal charges. We also have the extensive skills necessary to defend against federal charges; financial and white collar charges; and charges for violent crimes, including murder, unlike many criminal defense law firms.

We urge you to contact us as soon as possible if you are the subject of a criminal investigation. Call 800-242-3533 today for a confidential, no-obligation consultation.

When you entrust your case to Mandell Law, you will benefit from:

  • Decades of experience. Mr. Mandell has practiced criminal law for over 10 years. Together, our legal team will back you with 25 years of legal experience.
  • Extensive resources. As an experienced and dedicated criminal defense team, we have amassed significant resources and connections over the years. We are prepared to call on private investigators and various professionals to contribute to your defense.
  • Proven track record. You can feel confident with our team in your corner. We have a record of achieving favorable results — intercepting investigations, preventing arrests, getting charges dismissed or reduced and securing acquittals at trial. Review our recent case results here.

As your legal team, we are prepared to do what is necessary to secure the best possible outcome for you. For more information about the members of our team and their qualifications, please read their profiles below.

As soon as you believe you are under investigation, call 800-242-3533 or send an email to our office. Your initial legal consultation is confidential and free of any charge or obligation. Se Habla Español.