Fighting Drug Trafficking And Manufacturing Charges

When you have been accused of a sophisticated drug crime like manufacturing or trafficking, do not entrust your freedom to just any attorney. These are often prosecuted as felonies at the federal level and convictions can result in mandatory minimum prison sentences. Work with a legal team that has the strength to fight and the confidence to win tough cases.

Call Mandell Law today for a confidential legal consultation with our lead attorney Robert I. Mandell: 800-242-3533. Based in Orlando, Florida, we aggressively defend clients against federal drug charges in courtrooms across the country.

Serious Drug Charges: Get The Best Possible Results

Are you under investigation for trafficking cocaine, meth, heroin, marijuana or another controlled substance? Did you know the government can charge you with drug trafficking even if you are not caught in the act and there is no hard evidence you were selling drugs?

Simply being found to possess a large amount of drugs or even case can make prosecutors assume you are involved in distribution. Our experienced legal team has over 25 years of combined experience. We fight tough drug charges and win.

We practice law in state and federal court and we are well-prepared to defend you against any federal and state charges linked to your drug case, such as importing or exporting illegal drugs, money laundering, tax evasion or participating in organized crime (a RICO case).

Prevent Harsh Penalties. Involve Us Early On

Both Florida state and federal law impose very significant penalties upon those convicted of drug trafficking and drug manufacturing. Many of the toughest drug laws were passed to discourage drug cartels, but they end up ruining the lives of lower-level dealers — including first-time offenders.

In many cases a small-time drug dealer can get a longer sentence than a violent criminal. We will fight to keep this from happening to you.

The earlier our team of dedicated lawyers becomes involved in your case, the better. Whenever possible, we prefer to take on cases at the pre-arrest investigation phase. This way, we can use our extensive legal knowledge and working relationships with agents and law enforcement to attempt to prevent charges from ever being filed.

If you have already been arrested, you still have options. We get the best results in tough cases time and time again. Call 800-242-3533 or send our firm an email today to schedule a confidential legal consultation with our lead attorney, Robert I. Mandell. Your initial consultation is free of charge and obligation.