Skilled Defense Against Charges Of Violent Crimes

A conviction for a violent offense can result in mandatory minimum jail sentences. If you have been accused of a violent crime or are under investigation for one, we urge you to contact the legal team at Mandell Law as soon as possible. Based in Orlando, we handle serious cases across Florida and we defend clients in federal courthouses across the country.

Led by well-respected criminal defense attorney Robert I. Mandell, we back our clients with a combined total of 25 years of legal experience — dedicating significant resources to get them the best results possible. We have a strong track record defending clients against charges of violent crimes, all the way up to murder in the first degree.

Call 800-242-3533 as soon as possible if you have been arrested and charged with any of the following offenses:

We strongly encourage you to contact us as soon as you know you are under investigation. Call 800-242-3533.

Self-Defense And Florida's 'Stand Your Ground' Law

Are you facing criminal charges after using force to protect yourself? Our skilled legal team has an in-depth knowledge of self-defense laws and Florida's Stand Your Ground statute.

We are prepared to take action to prove you are immune from prosecution because the force used was lawful.

How We Win Tough Cases

Our lawyers get the best outcomes in challenging criminal cases because we:

  • Get involved early: We prefer to get involved in cases before an arrest has been made. By taking part in the investigation, we are able to deconstruct the prosecutors' case as they build it — limiting their access, protecting your rights.
  • Tap into a network of experts: As experienced lawyers, we have relationships with experts in various fields, from private investigators to DNA specialists. We will put together the team you need.
  • Take cases where they need to go: We are trial attorneys. If you have been charged with a serious violent offense, this is not the time to work with an inexperienced attorney — or an experienced one who never goes to court. We are prepared to skillfully negotiate for you outside of court, and fight for you in court.

Protect Your Future. Contact Us Today.

While every criminal case we handle is unique, we always aim to get the best possible results in a given situation. This might mean preventing your arrest; seeking to have the charges dismissed or reduced; fighting for an acquittal or preventing an overly harsh sentence. To discuss your case and learn how we can help, schedule a free and confidential consultation with Mr. Mandell. Call 800-242-3533 or send us an email today.