Skillful Defense Against Fraud Charges

Both the federal government and the Florida state government take fraud very seriously. A conviction for a state or federal fraud offense can result in lengthy jail sentences and expensive fines, as well as a permanent criminal record.

In many cases, individuals suspected of defrauding another person or organization are aware they are under investigation long before any criminal charges are filed. To ensure you do not waive any critical rights or unknowingly provide investigators the ammunition they need to file charges, we urge you to contact our experienced legal team as soon as you learn you are being investigated. Call 800-242-3533 now to reach our Orlando office.

We skillfully and aggressively intercept state and federal fraud investigations, handling federal cases nationwide.

Extensive Experience In Serious Criminal Cases

When you face fraud charges, whether your case is being prosecuted at the state or federal level, you have a lot at stake. You can feel confident that you are in good hands with Mandell Law handling your case. We back our clients with over 25 years of combined legal experience, taking a team approach to every case we take on — often enlisting the help of outside investigators and various field experts to mount the strongest possible criminal defense.

We are prepared to take proactive and aggressive action to protect your future if you have been arrested or are under investigation for:

  • Organized fraud
  • Identity theft, including credit card fraud and check fraud
  • Tax fraud
  • Medicaid fraud
  • Insurance fraud, including disability insurance fraud and health insurance fraud
  • Unemployment compensation fraud
  • Mortgage fraud
  • General fraud
  • Other white collar offenses

Criminal Defense Attorneys With Strong Records

When you face criminal charges as serious as fraud, you need to work with an attorney you can trust. At Mandell Law, our experienced lawyers practice only criminal defense. Our lead attorney, Robert I. Mandell, has focused his career on criminal defense for over 10 years, practicing in state, federal and juvenile courts — maintaining an impressive track record.

We are more than capable of helping you through this challenging time. We are confident that we will achieve the best possible results for you.

Contact Us As Soon As Possible For Your Confidential, Complimentary Consultation

Securing the most favorable outcome may hinge on our early involvement in your case. Whenever possible, we prefer to become involved in cases during the pre-arrest investigation, because we may be able to prevent charges from ever being filed. If you are under investigation or have already been arrested, contact our law office to schedule a free legal consultation with Mr. Mandell as soon as possible. Call 800-242-3533 or send us an email today.